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Your SEED makes a big difference and is a significant contribution to Touch Heaven Ministries' service to God.

The heart of Touch Heaven Ministries is to serve the Kingdom of God with passion and all that we have. Where we are called, the prophetic anointing of this ministry falls upon all who unite with us and who have similar hearts to serve and to receive.

We wish to thank you for your prayers and donations to Touch Heaven Ministries. As we reflect on all that we have done and what is set before us, we are overwhelmed with the demand to fund all we are called to do; and yet we know that our Lord shall supply these needs. Our family’s finances alone are not enough to support our ministry outreach missions, but we walk in faith knowing that where He imparts the vision, He supplies the provision.



You may send a check or Money Order to:

Touch Heaven Canfield Church Ministries
10 Skyline Drive
Canfield, OH 44406

Telephone: Office: 330-286-3524